Flowers and Fragrance for Beautiful Skin

We have known since ancient times, the way that flowers, floral essences and fragrances can enhance our looks, and it is no different now. Find out how flowers can be good for the skin –

jasmine-essential-oilJasmine has been used in Asian cultures to treat psychosomatic and psychological issues, and is known to have a positive impact on mood. According to flower therapist Malti Khaitan, jasmine essential oil combined with patchouli can be a good base for anti aging formulations. It is thought that jasmine contains etheric oil which is believed to have follicle-boosting and skin nourishing properties.

Lavender soothes and relaxes, and it is also a great natural disinfectant for the skin and scalp. Mixed with chamomile, it can help clear skin problems such as acne, inflammation and so on. It can also help avoid hyperpigmentation and improve skin elasticity.

Rose extracts are known to help hydrate and tone skin. Roses are rich in several vitamins and flavonoids. Rose water is soothing for sunburn and dry skin.

Lotus heals and hydrates; it is an important ingredient for anti aging products because of its deep nourishing properties and ability to help regenerate skin cells.

White lily can clear skin blemishes. It also helps rejuvenate skin by helping to remove surface dead skin cells.


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