Getting Summer Sure with Your Skin Care

As the warmer weather sets in, the strappy dresses and the flirty hemlines start to emerge from wardrobes, with the result that you want to be doubly sure that you are taking good care of your skin come the summer months.

Importance of moisture even in summer

There is the adjustment that skin has to make, to get from winter dryness to summer oiliness. Most of us find that skin is oiler during the summer months and we tend to make the mistake for not moisturizing the skin during this time.

skin-care-in-summerHowever it is important to keep the skin hydrated during the summer months as well.

Understand that there is a difference between moisture and oil; while the skin’s sebaceous glands may produce more than regular amounts of oil, the skin may still be parched for moisture.

The thing to do is to drink plenty of water, and also to use oil free moisturizers right through the summer months.

Also take particular care of the hands and feet that can get particularly dry in the summer months due to constant exposure to the elements with strappy sandals, flip flops and so on.

The elbows and knees can also need more attention as skin can darken and crack in that area.

Why exfoliating is a good idea

According to some experts, skin renewal is faster during the summer and so is the amount of dead skin cells that collect on the surface of the skin. So exfoliating is a good idea in summer; not just for the facial skin but also for the rest of the body. Take the exfoliator into the shower once a week and exfoliate the entire body.

Be careful about shaving

Shaving may be the quickest and most convenient way to hairless legs but remember to use a good quality razor as well as good shaving lotion to prevent the cuts and nicks – some experts recommend using your conditioner for shaving.

Be sun safe

If it is that bronzed, tanned look you desire, opt for sunless tanners, sprays and other fake tan products out there, which do not require you to go out in the sun or get on the tanning bed.

Remember the UV radiation of the direct sun or the tanning bed is really bad for the skin, not only because of skin cancer risk, but also premature aging. So use protective clothing or sun screen when out in the sun and make that bronzer your friend.


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