Hair and Skin Care – In the Rain

The rain pelting down doesn’t have to mean out of control hair and a shiny face. There are ways and means you can employ to keep your hair and skin healthy and good looking even during the rain. We look at how you can continue to look your best even during the wet summer.


1. Use a self tanning lotion

One of the tips that experts recommend for great looking skin in the rain, is to use a self-tan instead of foundation.

It stays on better, gives skin a healthy glow and better definition to your facial features.

Avoid water-based products as they tend to wash or wear off in the humidity. Also avoid powder products as they may clump. A cream blush may be best in the rain.

2. Waterproof make up

The obvious antidote to runny makeup and panda eyes is to use water resistant or waterproof make up.

Mascaras are usually water resistant but you can also use waterproof make up bases to prevent the water dissolving it.

3. Go light on the skin care products

Heavy skin and hair care products will lead to product build up and so it is best to avoid them, particularly when the weather is wet. Use lighter products that don’t sit on your skin or weigh your hair down.

Use a conditioner after every shampoo but not so much that it weighs your hair down. When you use amoisturizer on your facial skin, pick the sort that is suitable for humid weather so that you can avoid that dreaded shine.

4. Tips to control the frizz

Consider using a leave in conditioner to control hair frizz that seems to be out of control during the wet weather. Use hair spray for maximum hold to further tone down the frizz.

5. Accessorize colorfully

Using colorful accessories can perk up your look and lift your spirits. Think in terms of an elegant umbrella, an unusual scarf, smart boots or a light jacket to light up your look.

6. Don’t forget to drink water

When it’s wet out, you may feel less thirsty that usual but remember to drink plenty of water in the interests of good looking and healthy hair and skin. Eat a healthy diet rich in protein, healthy fats and plenty of natural produce (think whole grains, vegetables and fruits) to keep your hair and skin looking and feeling great.


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