Hair and Skin Care Tips to Save You Time

As time management can be applied to other areas in your life, you can also use some when it comes to skin and hair care. Somesimple changes to one’s daily beauty regime can help to save a lot of time –

  • Hair and Skin Care TipsRather than blow-drying and styling hair in the morning, wash it at night before bed, towel dry and wrap up your hair after applying a styling cream. This way you don’t waste time withhair styling in the morning.
  • Also try and complete your skin care routine in the night rather than in the morning. Remove all make up before going to bed (this you should do even otherwise) by using an exfoliating face wash. In the morning, just wash your face with a mild cleanser and use an oil free moisturizer. Finish by using a lip balm.
  • Rather than using separate make up products such as powder, concealer, foundation and primer, use just one product to save a lot of time. Use an all-in-one product that suffices for all four requirements. Look for a formula that is long wearing and has built-in oil control.
  • Organize the products that you use regularly separately from those that you use on special occasions.
  • Shape your eyebrows professionally on a regular basis.
  • Opt for a semi permanent manicure.


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