Helpful Guidelines For Post Workout Skincare Routine

skin care routineGood skincare routine and regular exercises are a very important part of your everyday routine.

Many skincare experts believe that most of the skin problems like acne start with accumulation of excess oil in the pores of the skin.

A strenuous workout will certainly lead to build-up of excess oil all over your skin because of sweat, so it is very important to maintain a quality post-workout skincare routine for glowing skin to complement a healthy body shape.

A good skincare regime after completing your exercise routine will be beneficial to maintain glowing skin with better health. Here are a few easy and helpful steps to institute an effective post workout skincare regime.

  1. Wash your face: You should wash your face directly after completing exercises. However, always remember not to try to rub your face harshly; instead just splash water on your face. Wipe your skin very gently or just pat it, using a clean towel.
  2. Use face cleanser: You can also use a facial cleanser to remove dust and dirt accumulated in your skin pores. Even this should be done very gently; ensure that you don’t treat your skin harshly. Choose a good cleanser to get effective results. A foaming cleanser is always beneficial to leave your skin with a soft and refreshed feel.
  3. Moisturize your skin: After performing an invigorating workout routine, your skin ultimately needs better moisture. Go for a moisturizer that is suited for oily skin, as it will help to combat additional sweating after doing workouts.
  4. Apply baby powder: Although a shower will eliminate the sweat caused by exercising, baby powder is a very important step to absorb oil. It absorbs post workout sweat well and avoids accumulation of oil in the skin pores.
  5. Drink more water: Workouts increase your facial temperature and lead to several skin problems. Drinking water is one of the best ways to lower your facial temperature.
  6. Dry shampoo: Perfect to use after exercising, dry shampoo is a fairly new product that helps to add volume while cleansing and absorbing oil.
  7. Give massage to sore muscles: At times, even your regular workout can lead to soreness in muscles. Therefore, a perfect massage using essential oils is beneficial for sore muscles as well as for your skin.


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