Know Your Skin Type To Best Protect It

With today’s way of life and aggressive atmospheric conditions such as pollution, it is important to take great care of our skin if we want to maintain its elasticity and youthful appearance for longer.

In order to do so, you must learn more about the condition of your skin, your skin type and how to eliminate toxins, which are harmful to your skin, then protect it accordingly.

There are various skin types; you must therefore determine your type before you can proceed, whether it is dry or normal, the type of pigmentation and how elastic it is.

Dry skin is rough and opaque looking, while oily skin shines out and you may feel it is slightly sticky to the care1

Skin oils are important for the protection of your skin however excess can lead to skin problems. To start treating excessive oily skin you must first find the cause; an imbalance in your diet, a hormone problem, stress or medical treatments can cause excessively oily skin.

Sensitive skins can react seriously to certain cosmetic products, causing irritation and sometimes breaking up in acne, it is important to choose the right kind of product for your sensitive skin.

To avoid wrinkles, use sunscreen regularly to prevent them from forming or worsening, and moisturize the skin accordingly.

Keep in mind that nutrition is at the base of how your skin looks and feels; water is fundamental to keep the skin moist and supple, a balanced diet with plenty of vegetables and fruit will also help keep the skin toned and healthy, in addition to natural antioxidants such as herbal teas.


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