Large Skin Pores – Can You Really Do Anything About Them?

Our pores are the openings in the skin and mechanism that the skin has devised to remove waste material by way of sweat and also to regulate body temperature. Some of us have large, visible pores that can be a serious annoyance and can also be aesthetically displeasing.

It is possible to actually reduce the size of pores, particularly the pores in the facial skin? There are products that promise to “shrink” pores, or tips that tell you how to ‘close’ and open pores. But how reliable are these in fact?

large-skin-poresThough many experts will tell you that steam will ‘open’ pores and that ice or cold water will ‘tighten’ pores there is little evidence to show that pores can be made smaller or larger in this way. However what can be done is to try and keep extra vigilant about keeping largepored skin clean and the pores unclogged, so that common pitfalls of large pores such as black heads and acne can be avoided.

Keeping skin with large pores clean

Those who have large pores can exfoliate facial skin regularly to help remove the upper layer of dead cells and reveal fresher skin beneath. Certain face masks and cleansers can also help to absorb and remove dead skin, extra oil, bacteria and so on from the pores.

Some experts recommend microdermabrasion for keeping the negative impacts of large pores in control. Some users also recommend avocados and limes to clean large pores effectively.

Using drying soaps and astringents is generally not recommended even though it may give the impression of tightening pores for the time being. These may encourage sebum production and may be counterproductive for large pores.

Hiding large pores

Since there is little that you can do to actually shrink large pores, what you can do is try and camouflage them.

Heavy and cakey foundations are a no-no for those with large pores, because this actually draws attention to accentuates large pores. Instead use a sheer, light foundation that is also oil free (so that it doesn’t clog up pores further). Experts recommend using foundation, concealer and blush in a downward motion with strokes that go down from up to help reduce the appearance of large pores.

And while you bemoan your oily and large pores, remember you are rather fortunate. Those with oily skin retain their youthful skin for longer and will see the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles later than others.


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