Make Sure You Avoid These 5 Common Skin Care Mistakes

skin-care-mistakesThere are a number of things we may be doing regularly, and we may not realize how they impact our skin negatively.

So make sure you’re not making these skin care mistakes:

  1. Not using a Toner – By using water rather than a toner, the pH level of the skin may alter, making it more susceptible to bacteria. Use a toner to avoid breakouts and maintain pH balance
  2. Not keeping it simple – By using too many different products you may likely be doing something that is counterproductive. It is best to keeping the skin care regime as simple as possible.
  3. Using moisturizer with SPF – Moisturizer with SPF tends to wear off over a few hours, rather faster than other products and you could be overestimating the sun protection factor of your moisturizer. Instead consider using another product such as a mineral powder etc
  4. Mistaking oil and moisture – if your skin is oily you assume that it doesn’t need moisture, when in fact it could actually be dehydrated! The oil is being produced to combat the lack of moisture!
  5. Overestimating your skin problems – if there is a general redness or skin sensitivity, don’t assume that there is a disorder. Perhaps all your skin needs is some extra care!


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