Skin Care Mistakes You May Be Making

You may think you’re doing everything right for your skin but may actually be making some mistakes that could make a crucial difference to your skin. Read on to find out if you are making any of these skin care mistakes:

Face wash mistakes

You could be washing your face too much or too little. For instance, you should be washing your face just before you go to bed, so your skin is clean and is able to breathe and renew itself while you sleep. But you should also be washing your face in the morning when you wake up.

skin-care-mistakesUsing harsh soaps or deodorant soaps, or using abrasive washcloths is bad for you because you could end up with irritated skin.

Equally, washing your face too often or using the wrong kind of cleaner for your face will also make your skin either too oily or too dry.

Other skin care mistakes you may be making

If you do not exfoliate your facial skin, you should. Once or twice a week, exfoliating the skin will help get rid of the surface dead cells and other impurities that have gathered on the surface of the skin.

Another mistake that you could be making is not using a moisturizer now that it is summer. Summer means that you may need a different sort of moisturizer; but you still need a moisturizer.

It isn’t just the nutrients and moisture from the moisturizer reaching your skin that is important, it is also the massaging action of your fingers on your skin that helps improve blood circulation and skin tone.

Not using a sunscreen on a cold or cloudy day is another skin care mistake that many of us make. UV Sun exposure occurs not only on sunny days but also cloudy ones, so cover up by using a hat, protective clothing or a sunscreen!

Not caring for your skin in dry weather! Use a humidifier if the air is very dry indoors. This may be of particular importance during the colder winter months.

Few of us know that not sleeping enough is terrible for the skin. You skin can look dull and tired, your eyes will have bags under them and you’re not going to feel good either.

Don’t avoid sweat. Sweating is a great way for the skin to rid itself of toxins naturally. And the fact that exercise has a host of other benefits is just a bonus!


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