Skin Care Tips For All Skin Types

There are four different skin types which are dry, oily, sensitive or problem, the latter being anything from teenage pimples to a disorder that has specific needs.

The only real difference between black and white skins is that the former has more oil glands.

This therefore means that an oily skin is a bigger problem for black women as acne and other blemishes will be more common.

There are often products exclusively marketed at the black population but this is merely a ploy, whilst certain make up may have different effects on a skin that is darker, caring for all skins is equal and defined by the four care

A healthy diet and drinking plenty of water will work wonders and after that it is down to personal choice. Many people prefer natural skin creams and there are many different types, all making different claims. It is worth taking the time to read the list of ingredients and finding out what their different properties are.

Try to read independent reviews and if you have a friend with a glowing skin then find out just what her secret really is.

If you start a good skin cleansing routine from an early age it will be very beneficial in late years. Protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun, do not smoke and drink in moderation.

Wrinkles develop when the collagen levels of your skin reduce so most anti-ageing lotions address this factor above everything else.

A healthy skin is a long term project including regular cleaning, all round good health and protecting yourself from the environment. This is the same for every race and every skin color.


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