Skin Care Tips For Teens From The Experts

In a recent post from Teen Vogue, 6 experts came together to share secrets for flawless skin and complexion, particularly for teens, which go something like this:

Marsha Gordon, M.D., a consulting dermatologist to St. Ives explains that teen acne is chiefly due to hormonal changes causing excess sebum to be produced.

skin-care-tips-for-teensBrook Jackson, M.D. points out that those teens who are involved in sport that require pads, helmets, straps and other protective gear will often have dirt and sweat trapped in their pores, resulting in breakouts.

So face washing should be done as soon after workouts as may be possible. She stresses the importance of establishing good routines during one’s teens, to help prevent problems later.The number one No-No according to her is falling asleep without removing makeup.

Exfoliation, according to Dr Jackson, is essential, but should be gentle and should depend upon what your skin can handle.

Tracie Martyn, celebrity facialist from New York says it is important to avoid greasy or waxy skin care products. Use moisturizers with Salicylic acid – to unclog pores along with moisturizing. And use a moisturizer; even if you have oily skin. She explains that drying out acne is not helpful; it conversely inflames the skin further and is not advisable.

Wanda Herrera, a cosmetologist at Cal-A-Vie spa urges against ‘attacking’ acne and trying to hurry them along by bursting, picking, pricking them. This, according to her will result in scars that may take years to heal!

Nicholas Perricone, M.D., a Meriden, Connecticut–based dermatologist speaks of the importance of eating healthy fats such as those obtained from nuts, avocado, olive oil and salmon. On the other hand, starchy and refined foods can worsen problems. To avoid puffy eyes and dark circles, get enough rest and 8 hours quality sleep each night.

According to Perricone, a real No-no is smoking. Just one puff, generates a trillion free radicals in the lungs and consequently, inflammatory responses in the body’s organs which includes the biggest organ, the skin! Smoking means sallow unhealthy skin and premature aging in the long run.

Sonya Dakar, Beverly Hills aesthetician advises never to leave home without sun protection (at least SPF 30) to prevent dehydration and age spots. And the sun won’t dry out acne either; rather the bacteria love sweat and the sun! The pimple will actually ripen out in the sun rather than shrink.


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