Skin Care Tips for the Neck Area

Have you noticed how it is always ‘facial’ skin care that we talk about; and rarely if at all do we heed the needs of our skin just that little bit south of the face? In all the pampering that our faces get, we tend to forget the neck and the fact that our neck is just as visible as our face; that it is just as prone to skin damage and that it is as easily going to divulge our age as facial wrinkles.

Tips-for-the-Neck-AreaIn fact, a lined neck with uncared for looking skin, will tell about the ravages of time no matter how well you look after your facial skin, so it is as important to extend your skin care regime to your neck and upper chest or the cleavage area.

In fact the skin of the neck is more prone to lines formation, skin spots and drying, so the neck area actually needs more and not less care.

The neck muscle or Platysma has lesser bone support and is known to lose its firmness and elasticity rather more easily than the facial muscles.

Here are some tips that will help you take care of your neck as well as your face:

  • The rule of thumb to follow here is that your facial skin care shouldn’t end at your chin, but should extend down your neck as far as the neckline of your clothes will allow.
  • Your facial skin cream or anti wrinkle lotion will definitely benefit the neck area so apply this to the neck area as well. Make sure you use broad sweeping upward strokes when applying it.
  • As exfoliation is recommended for the face, it is also a good idea for the neck, so you should be exfoliating the skin of the neck and upper chest to remove dead skin cells and reveal fresher, more youthful skin below.
  • Wrinkles, lines and age spots also tend to appear in the décolleté area so your skin care routineshould extend to the upper chest as well.
  • As exercise is good for the body it is also great for the face and neck. While exercise will not suddenly get rid of a double chin, it will help to keep the muscles more toned, giving the appearance of smoother and tighter skin. So remember to do neck exercises and massage the skin of the neck as you wash, exfoliate and moisturize as well.


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