Skin Care Tips To Avoid Common Problems

Regardless of your skin type, a regular skin care regime is essential in rooting out common problems and preventing premature ageing.

Whether you have sensitive or oily skin, are prone to pimples, dry skin or acne, your daily routine should include a few basic steps.

Here’s how to make it easy and lessen the chances of developing common skin disorders:

  1. Wash your face twice a day with warm water and always use mild soaps to prevent acne problems.
  2. Don’t scrub or over-wash your skin because scrubbing can cause damage and irritation.
  3. Don’t pop any pimples, as this can push the infectious material further into your skin, leads to more swelling and redness and can also cause scars.
  4. Always wear a sunscreen when you go outside and make sure it blocks both UVA and UVB rays.
  5. Stay away from harsh detergents, scented soaps and strongly fragranced lotions that can irritate your skin and lead to eczema.
  6. Avoid foods that can cause breakouts. Follow a healthy, well-balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to decrease the chances of developing blemishes.
  7. Practice a regular cleansing and dead skin exfoliation routine. Select a gentle skin cleansing solution that works for your specific type of skin. Use an effective body scrub or granular product to smooth rough areas and eliminate dead skin cells to provide a better platform for moisturizing.

Also, drink lots of water, exercise regularly and stay disciplined so that healthy and glowing skin will be well within your reach.


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