Skincare Tips For Diabetics

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, and you have started to lose your skin luster, and you are worried that you will start aging before your time, remember these facts.

Diabetes does have a tendency to affect the skin, and you must be aware of this fact so that you can take extra special care of your skin, especially your feet. Here are some tips for you:

  • Diabetes can cause dry skin, because of the loss of fluid in the body caused by high blood glucose. The trick is to keep your skin clean at all times, and dry. Use talcum powder often, especially in the areas where your skin touches skin, like for instance in your armpits.
  • Use moisturizer often; never let your skin dry out, because this may lead to scaliness and itching. Consult your dermatologist when in doubt. One way to avoid letting your skin get dry is to avoid taking too hot baths. Always use luke -warm water, and make sure that you use only moisturizing soaps.
  • If you have cuts anywhere on your skin, make sure you wash them well with plain soap and water, and remain on the lookout for the first signs of developing infection.
  • Always make sure that you drink plenty of water through the day. This is not only good for your skin, but also for your overall health as well, and for a diabetic, this can be vitally important.
  • After your bath everyday, make sure that you examine your body for any broken skin or red spots. The idea is to be aware of any skin problems before they turn into a major issue for you.
  • Always wear only cotton underwear. This will allow air to circulate on your body, and help prevent accumulation of moisture in sensitive areas.
  • Your feet must be given special care if you are a diabetic. This is because diabetes causes less blood flow to this region, leading to the onset of nerve damage to your feet(diabetic neuropathy). Always keep the skin on your feet clean and dry. Do not apply moisturizer between your toes, as this may lead to wetness, and as a consequence, lead to fungal infection.

Remember, if you are in doubt, consult your doctor immediately. Learn to be aware of your body, and take care of it in such a way that it is able to serve you for a long time. Never ignore any skin problem, however minor it may appear to you.


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