The Helping Hands For Tired Skin

With the cold stepping on the scene and the many hours spent at work a lot of  women find themselves in the position of looking in the mirror at a tired dry face, puffy eyes and the lost expression we all recognize as a beauty crisis.

eye-creamIf you are asking yourself how you can pull it up working eight hours a day, taking care of a family and attending a fabulous party, the quick repair for tired skin is the recipe you need.

So many of us would feel a lot better knowing common sense tips that would make us look pretty even when we are completely tired. So here are a few tips that help to make your skin glow.

When you need to bounce back from looking like a ghost, drink water. Hydrating is a good idea for the skin will react immediately.

Replace the …fifth cup of coffee with a cup of hot green tea. After you drink the tea save the tea bags and freeze them.

Before moisturizing for a party take the frozen tea bags and place them on the eyes. The combination of caffeine and cold will help you get rid of the puffed eyes problem.

All of us know that exercising is a good idea. All of us also know that thinking about it and actually doing it are two very different things. In order to eliminate toxins, your skin needs exercising. So if you do not have time to do push-ups, make time to give yourself a facial massage.


The eyes will always show how tired you are. Make sure the eye gel is cold before using it and also do not apply makeup before the skin completely absorbed it. Try and massage the corner of the eyes and you will see how much will the image in the mirror improve.

Everybody met insomnia at one point or another. Still if it interferes with your daily rhythm it will surely interfere with your beauty too. You have to consider a short nap if you want to look beautiful.


Emergency face masks are a good idea to have at hand just in case. They have collagen as main ingredient but if such a mask is not available or simply you cannot afford a professional help of this kind try a mixture of green tea, lemon juice and honey as a face toner or mix egg yolk with yogurt or a mashed banana and you’ll have a home made quick fix.


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