The Professionals Can Change The Rules Of Beauty Care

Have you ever wondered what the dermatologists are using when it comes to their own skin deciding to check their professional care for their own body can certainly prove to be a good idea when choosing a skin treatment for you?

One of the founders of Dermadoctor shares she often goes for vitamin C treatment to boost skin firmity. Her favorite product is SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic, which the doctor is applying on her own skin two times daily.

skin careOne of the famous U.S. dermatologists, Amy Wechsler truly believes that beauty comes from inside. The author of the “Mind-Beauty Connection” cares for her skin with anti-oxidant food and drinks. She drinks a lot of green tea, known as the best way to clear your body and skin. The professional shares also that she is having little dark chocolate, rich with anti-oxidants.

professional skin care

Many professionals in the dermatology are recommending products that exfoliate the skin. According to the experts it is good idea to use topicals that contains hydroquinone.

Some topical could affect better than laser therapies, when it comes to skin care. Among the good for your skin is also the secret of vitamin D3 oil. Many dermatologists are revealing that actually it is better than vitamin E and A. Vitamin D is also improving the bone health and prevents the cancer risk.


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