The Right Way To Treat Your Skin During Wintertime

Making the right choices when it comes to skincare can help you preserve the freshness and attractiveness of your complexion

Winter comes, and with it the period when your skin probably needs the most attention.

Why is this so? It is quite simple. The cold, the wind, the sun, added up together, cause an unwanted effect on your skin.

The cold makes your skin glands to work a lot less, especially those on your face, and therefore your skin becomes dryer than in any other season of the year.face wash

The wind and the sun, together, take off what is left of the moisture in your skin, making tiny wrinkles all over your face, and before you know it, all the radiance and beauty of your face are gone.

But making the right choices when it comes to skincare during wintertime can prevent all of this from happening. It will help you preserve the freshness and attractiveness of your complexion.

The first thing to do is to get rid of the soap. Stop using it. It only makes your skin dryer. Instead, use a lotion, body milk or your favorite tonic to clean your face. Occasional peeling would also do you good.

Washing your face only with hot water will benefit your skin with a little extra moisture in the morning or before going to bed.

A hot bath will open up the pores all over your body, otherwise closed because of the cold, and that way you will be able to clean all the dead skin cells that are lying in there and make your skin look old.

If you have the time, every now and then, you should use it to apply a facial mask or a facial massage. A homemade cucumber mask will hydrate your skin and it will make it a lot softer.

A facial massage or a whole body one, will help you moisturize your skin and will ease up all the tension that you might be feeling. Try using coconut or olive oil for it. Do this routine 15 minutes before you take your hot bath and you will have a glowing, soft skin.

Don’t forget to put on a smile when you are going out. A fresh complexion and a smile will make you look very appealing. Match your make up with your skin tone. Choosing the right colors for your outfit will help you pass the winter looking like it is spring time for you.


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