Western Women Want Asian Youthful Skin

Japanese skin products are becoming more popular lately; this is probably due to the fact that Asians appear younger than other populations worldwide.

People generally think that the secret of their youthful skin lies in their products, which is boosting the sales of Japanese cosmetics.

In reality the mystery is not related to what they apply on their skin but more to what they are eating.

Japanese food is rich in those elements that are fundamental to the preservation of the skin; the Japanese diet is mainly composed of fatty acids and essential oils, notably fish and vegetables.japanese diet

Omega-3 elements are also present in many vegetables with large green leaves, kelp and seaweed, which are food types that are largely consumed in Japan. You may integrate your daily diet with these food types or with diet supplements, which provide essential fatty acids.

Some cosmetic products also contain vegetable oils and antioxidants; others even use a special type of kelp in the production of skin care products, which is only found in Japan and promises miracles for maintaining a youthful skin.

In general omega-3 elements are very beneficial for our overall health, skin, cellular production, tissues and organs and are highly recommended as a supplement to our diets.

These essential elements can be found mostly in fish and oils as well as leafy vegetables, but if you do have a problem with fish, a natural supplement is recommended to keep the up levels of fatty acids in your system.


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