Young, Fresh Face And The Road To It

Keeping your skin clean and fresh isn’t that difficult and surely doesn’t cost a lot, but it takes time. According to the professional, the good skin is the well- kept skin. The first and perhaps the most important step is choosing the right care for your skin.

Exfoliation is a must, in case you want to have a healthy skin. Exfoliate gently your skin and remove thedead skin cells. Choose a mask based on organic ingredients or home -made recipe.


Remove your makeup before sleep, because falling asleep with makeup on is extremely bad for your skin pores.

Use a tonic on daily basis, for it is refreshing your skin cells. Don’t forget to moisturize your skin, even if it’s oily. Choose a good moisturizer, especially in the autumn and the winter.


Over drying your skin may cause wrinkles. Don’t use too heavy foundation; give your skin cells the air they need to breathe, so go for light makeup.


The good old home recipes for beauty may sound a bit old, but they are actually the best for your skin, because their ingredients are clean and they typically don’t contain any chemicals. Go for yoghurt and eggs, which is the most common home-made recipe for refreshing your skin.


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