Your Skin And The Seven Deadly Sins

woman-smokingThere are lots of good things you can do for your skin, to make it healthy, to make it look good and prevent premature aging and then there are some things you should absolutely avoid in the interests of good skin.

Here are the seven deadly skincare sins:

  1. Smoking: It isn’t just that can give you cancers of all sorts; it also gives you Smoker’s Face (a grayish cast to the skin and lines where you purse your mouth) and causes your skin to wrinkle and age prematurely.
  2. Alcohol: In excess is very dehydrating, slows down renewal of cells and robs your skin of life. It also creates blotchy unattractive skin and bags under the eyes.
  3. Sun Exposure – sun worshippers everywhere, beware 365 days of the year: the sun causes premature aging, spots, and even cancer.
  4. Too much cleansing: Too much and frequent exfoliation can cause irritation and inflammation. Too much cleansing and toning will rob the skin of natural sebum.
  5. Too much moisturizer: Use these according to your skin type and don’t pile it on. For oilier skins, use lighter lotions and non comodogenic products.
  6. Going to bed with make up on: This one is a strict no-no. It clogs pores and causes breakouts. No matter what time you go to bed, remember to remove our make up.
  7. Squeezing pimples: Again a no-no since it can cause scarring and even make the infective material in the pimple spread. Inflammation and hard to get rid of bacterial infection occur due to this.


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