Skin Care Travel Tips from the Experts

As a travel season draws near, you could probably use some travel skin care tips from the experts at Web MD and elsewhere. Board certified dermatologist Debra Jaliman has the following tips to offer:

Basic and important tips

It is advisable to carry lip balm, moisturizer and a small mister in your cabin baggage for a long flight. Make sure you find out about the travel restrictions for the airline you’re going to travel by though. There are usually restrictions about the size of moisturizer or other toiletries (packages of less than 3 oz) that you can carry, because you don’t want your stuff to get confiscated.

Skin Care Travel Tips

It is best not to wear makeup when you’re flying, because you will sleep for at least some time on any long haul flight. And we all know that sleeping with make up on is a bad idea.

Use a lip balm or a moisturizing lipstick instead. Also use a mister to moisten your face before applying moisturizer to help the moisture stay on better.

Since the cabin air can be really dry, you should bedrinking plenty of water when flying. Avoid alcohol for the same reason, because it can be dehydrating.

And also remember to get out of the seat and move around as much as possible to keep blood circulation going.

Use artificial tears to help lubricate the eyes to keep them from getting red and dry and gritty. Use the kind of eye drops that come in single vial packages because these are generally preservative free.

Try and stick to your regular skin care products rather than using the complementary hotel ones. These could cause allergic reactions.

Other recommended skin care essentials are some cortisone cream for insect bites and hives, healing ointment for chapped skin, moleskin patches for blisters, and yes, sunscreen is a must as well!

Other travel skin care tips

Pack your skin care essentials as per the climate of the place you’re traveling to. If it’s a hot and humid place you’re traveling to, you may need to use a moisturizer only aboard the plane.

Pack small sample sized packages rather than larger sized containers.

Pack solid bars or sticks rather than liquids, lotions and so on. These are less likely to burst and soil your clothes in your check in baggage on board the flight’s luggage hold.


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