SkinMedix: For All Your Anti-Aging Skin Solutions

With so many websites offering multiple brands and products why should one choose SkinMedix? What makes this web store different and better than the others? Will meet all your anti aging care needs? This review attempts to answer these and other questions we’ve been asked to investigate.

SkinMedix claims to be a low-priced source of cutting-edge and professional grade “cosmeceuticals” – cosmetic products that include ingredients designed not only to enhance appearance but also provide clinically proven positive physiological effects at the cellular level.


Our review of SkinMedix confirms an impressive range of anti-aging skin care products normally purchased only from high end spas or through Dermatologists and skincare professionals.

The advantage of using SkinMedix lies not just in convenience but also in economy. The online store brings to you high quality products at prices much lower than the spas. They keep their costs down by concentrating on leading brands and cosmetics popular among consumers.

The site sells retail size packaging at lower prices and also offers a range of professional and salon size packs that prove to be highly economical. These are generally available elsewhere only to skin professionals and salons.

Sample sizes are also available. The website guarantees the authenticity of the products available on their site and delivers complete with manufacturer’s original packaging and seal.

Savvy shoppers are aware that its possible to skip paying extra for fancy packaging and opt for sample and/or ‘Pro Size’ products that provide the identical product but at a very significant savings.

Some of the leading brands available on the site are SkinCeuticals, Dermalogica, SkinMedica, iS Clinical, Kinerase, Neocutis, Wilma Schumann, Revision, Clarisonic and Obagi among several others.  .

The site also offers products like the Micro-Needle Derma Rollers that increase the absorption of cosmetics by almost 1000%. Research has shown that higher the absorption levels, better will be theresults.


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