Top Summer Hairstyle Ideas to Try with Confidence

Since there is no reason to wear a cap, bonnet or hat during the summer, this is the time to show off the most interesting but easy to create hairstyles.

If you are looking for new sources of inspiration, you should take a look at the hairstyles of the celebrities on the red carpet.

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron

The braids that she had on the red carpet are easy to create and it is the perfect hairstyle for a vacation. All you have to do is to create a side part on the right side and gather the hair in a loose ponytail on the left side, except for one section of hair in the front.

Secure the hair with an elastic and twist it into a loose bun. Then braid the section from the front making your way to the back and work the braid in the bun. Use some hairspray to get rid of flyaways.

Rihanna’s Modified skrillex

If you want a hairstyle of this kind but you don’t want to shave your head like Rihanna did, you can have a similar look with a smaller commitment.

All you have to do is to pull your hair back on one side and secure it down tightly with bobby pins. Make sure that you use enough hairspray to keep all the strands in place.

Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis

In case you would like to have a hairstyle similar to the style of Mila Kunis then here is a secret for you: mix some straightening balm with a bit of conditioner and apply it on your hair.

The end result won’t look too full of products but you can keep humidity away from your hair. For added volume, you should use a large barrel round brush and hold the blow drier downwards.

Textured bangs

Textured bangs

Bangs are really nice but the problem is that you always have to tame them. The secret is that you don’t always have to flat iron them to perfection.

All you have to do is to blow dry the bangs before you blow-dry the rest of the hair. This is because the bangs dry too fast and they will get a strange shape. For the rest of the hair to have more texture you should apply some beach spray.

As you can see, there are a lot of looks that are just perfect for the summer and that are easy to achieve.


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