The Many Helpful Properties Of Salicylic Acid

skincareSalicylic acid is a peeling agent which also has good antiseptic qualities; it comes from the bark of the Salix Alba, otherwise known as the white willow.

Research suggests that it has many beneficial properties for the skin.

It is very effective as an anti-aging formulation especially for skin damaged by too much exposure from the harmful rays of the sun.

Even the roughest of skins can be turned into the softest and smoothest by using a product containing salicylic acid.

Throughout the centuries, since ancient times, it has been used to treat the skin and is known to be excellent for acne. The properties that it has are called beta hydroxyl acids which mean that it is a strong exfoliant that will breakdown the various types of pimples by gently removing the outer layers of skin.

All the big skin care products manufacturers have now recognised salicylic acid’s massive potential and it is now a common ingredient in a whole variety of different products from cleansers to anti-acne creams.

It also can be used for conditions such as pilaris, corns, psoriasis, calluses and keratosis where it can provide excellent relief. Even the ordinary wart can be helped by this substance.

Although powerful it can still be used on more sensitive skin, as it is soluble in oil and is much kinder to the skin than other similar hydroxyl acids. By softening the keratin protein that forms skin it is perfect for dry skins too.

Salicylic acid has many properties which are recognized as being helpful to all of the different skin types and soothing a variety of irritating skin disorders. Just any one of these would make it worth seeking out but with its multiple abilities it should be found in all medicine cabinets.


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