The Use Of Various Metals In Skin Care

In an effort to find new ingredients to fight aging skins and tired bodies, scientists at cosmetic companies are testing metals, which are known to have beneficial properties.

It is no surprise as consumers are more aware than ever before of the advantages of staying and looking young for longer.

Certain metals are already in the human bodies, those such as copper, magnesium and zinc, for example. As we age their levels decrease and often are not replenished in later care5

Cosmetic surgeon, Dr Yan Trokel, reports that nothing should be discarded, for instance Swiss apples, which contain stem cells, could be the future for ageing skins.

Manufacturers spend millions of dollars every year studying the effects of everything from mother of pearl to the dust of diamonds. They are well aware that their reputation is on the line and it must work otherwise all the marketing in the world will not get consumers to pick their products off the shelves.

The findings may not be published but anti aging, beauty products are a very lucrative market so by expanding on the beneficial properties of magnesium in maintaining a good immune system, is not a big gamble to take.

Opinion is divided on the area of metals, be they precious or otherwise, and there seems to be a case for each side of the argument. Dermatologist, Dr. Grace Patel believes the answer lies with retinoids; she rejects metals as a fanciful idea encouraged by the big companies.

One thing is for sure most American women will be quite happy to try a product if it helps keep her youthful and gives her a healthy glow.


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