Tips And Tricks For Maintaining The Summer Tan

scrubThe tan is in fact the superficial pigmentation of the skin, inevitably exfoliating daily. The skin exfoliation is a natural process through which the dead skin cells are eliminated.

It is good to know that a dry skin exfoliates faster than a hydrated one and the base rule for keeping the natural, shinning tan is the intensive hydration of the skin.

A stretched skin nuanced in an amazing chocolate like color, shining of beauty is the mark of a sunny vacation.

There is no news that tanned persons are more confident about their looks so since the tan is something not quite easy to come by, we should reward our patience of spending hours in the sun with a few tips and tricks meant to keep our tan for as long as possible.

Intense hydration

The daily hydration is mandatory especially after sunbathing, and it is a must to continue it after returning home from vacation. The intensive use of body milk helps keeping the color for a longer time.

Light body scrub

After coming back from vacation it is wise to use only a light body scrub. It is preferable the use of natural oils because while the abrasive particles from the scrub lotion remove the dead skin cells exposing a new skin, the oils will prevent the dehydration of the skin.

No more long baths

Everyone enjoys a long bubble bath, reading the favorite magazine, but such a pleasant activity, however relaxing will cause the fading of the tan. Hot water is an important factor for skin exfoliation so showering with merely warm water instead of hot is a very good idea for keeping the tan longer.

Beta carotene

The dry breeze air, the wind, the sea salt and pool chlorine are all slightly damaging the skin.

Keeping up the tan is up not only to the care and attention we give it but also to a self tanning substance our body receives which we are taking from the food we ingest, called beta carotene.

This substance produces inside the skin a natural pigment called melanin. The beta carotene can be found in abundance in carrots, tomatoes, spinach, peaches, apricots, melon and berries. The C and E vitamins are also a great help in getting a chocolate like skin.

Self tan lotions

When the natural tan starts wearing off, you can cheat a bit replacing the usual body lotion with one with self tanning properties. This will keep the skin nuance longer and closer to the one obtained through natural bronze.  The operation can be repeated once a week and it is a very good chance the skin will look tanned all through the winter.


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