Tips To Avoid The Adverse Affects Of Essential Oils!

Most of you might be aware of the advantages with different kinds of essential oils.

Essential oils are used in our daily life in various ways. They are mainly extracted from the aroma plants through a process of steam distillation.

Certain essences extracted during the distillation process are also used as fragrants, for example lavender flower water and orange water are fragrants produced during the process of oil distillation.

Essential oils are used in a wide range of applications like; they can be used for treating certain health conditions and also used in skin care. Some of the most important uses of essential oils include massage, inhalation, compresses and also in bathing.Essential Oils

Essential oils can give much better results, if they are used in proper way. Essential oils are highly concentrated oils, which can cause harm to your skin if not used properly.

Using these oils in your routine life style should become an additional advantage for you, but should not result in excessive worries in your life.

Following certain safety guidelines, while using these essential oils for your skin, is very important to ensure better results. Some of the most important safety measures, which you need to follow while using essential oils include:

  • Dilution: Diluting essential oils before the application or usage is very important. As these essential oils are mostly in concentrated forms, it can be sensitive to your skin and there are chances to get skin irritation. How ever, lavender and tea tree oil are used without dilution, only in certain rare cases.
  • Sensitivity: It is very important for you to know your skin type, as these oils are not suitable for all types of skin. They can be sensitive towards certain skin types. Whenever you are trying new kinds of essential oils on your skin, try a skin patch test before using it. Place a small amount of diluted oil inside your elbow and wrap it with a bandage. Wait for 24 hours and check whether your skin results in any kind of allergic reaction. Try this skin patch test for every kind of essential oil.
  • Be cautious when you are pregnant: Some of the oils are not suitable for your skin, when you are pregnant. So, try to consult your general physician or seek medical advice before using any kind of essential oils.
  • Use smaller amounts: Using smaller amounts of oils can give much effective and better results. So, try to use them in very limited quantities.
  • Keep them away from your children: Never let your child to use these oils individually. Most of the essential oils smell amazing and smell like safe to drink. Treat them like medicines and keep them away from children.

Though these guidelines can be served as better safety measures, they actually do not provide complete safety reference. So, it is always advisable to consult your regular physician and seek proper medical advice regarding the usage of essential oils.


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