Tips to Create Perfect Steam Facial at Home

If you think you can get a steam facial only at the salon or spa, you should think again. The truth is that you can have one in your home as well and it can be as effective as the one you get at a pro salon. However, in order to do things right, you will have to prepare.

Tips to Create Perfect Steam Facial at Home

The Boil Method

Steaming is known to help get rid of the wrinkles, acne, fine lines, and skin impurities. The boiling method is one of the most common methods of them all. All you have to do is to place a pot of water on the stove and bring it to a boil. Then reduce the temperature so that there will be no more bubbles.

Essential Oils

In order to make the method more effective, you can also add some essential oils like tea tree or rose oil, according to the skin type. Take a dry towel and put it on the back of your head lean over the pot with your face ten inches from the pot. If you get any closer, you could burn yourself. Steam your skin for half an hour.

Finishing Steps

Once you are done with the steaming, you could apply a homemade mask on your complexion. You can prepare a mask by combining honey and oatmeal. Apply the paste on your skin and allow it to sit for 15 minutes. After this time rinse your skin with lukewarm water.

The Shower Method

This method is also great to cleanse the skin and to remove the impurities. For this you will have to go in the bathroom and turn on the hot water. Wait until there is some steam. Then walk close to the steam and stand there for 5 minutes. Once the time’s up you should wash your face with lukewarm water and apply a mild cleanser.

Wrap it Up

Go on with your beauty routine by using a mild toner and a facial mask made of plain yogurt and cucumber to restore the natural glow of your skin. Repeat the process twice a week to achieve long lasting results.

Other Methods

Another option is to place some herbs in a pot and boil them. Then lean over the pot and place a towel on the back of your head. Stay in place for 5 minutes and in the end rinse your complexion with cold water.


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