Warnings Over Body Piercing Boom

body piercingProblems over botched body piercings could be a “substantial burden” on the NHS in the near future, a study says.

The British Medical Journal study found one in 10 people – and nearly half of all younger women – have a body piercing other than on the earlobe.

Just over a quarter of people reported complications, including swelling, infection and bleeding. Many avoid specialist clinics, and face greater risks piercing themselves, or trusting friends or relatives. Non-specialist piercings could also mean hepatitis infection, experts said.

A spokesman for the British Liver Trust, which offers advice on avoiding hepatitis infection, said: “It is important to remember the long-term problems that can occur, particularly if you get a piercing from a non-specialist.

“You put yourself at a high risk of contracting hepatitis B or hepatitis C, both of which are serious, life-threatening conditions which can be fatal.

“You may not know you have contracted the virus until later on in life when the damage has already begun.”

For more information, visit: BBC News


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