Women Will Not Cut Back On Skincare No Matter How Hard Times Get

A recent survey of six hundred females undertaken over the telephone revealed that even though the recession is deepening it is the depth of their wrinkles that are more of a concern.

Seventy percent of women in the News poll said that they will maintain their skincare budget and not make any cutbacks.

Those who spend the most in this area are in their early twenties and late thirties, will spend roughly twenty two dollars every month.

Only sixteen dollars was spent on average once the big five-zero was reached.skin care1

The research was done on behalf of Ego Pharmaceuticals, who manufacture QV Face which is a famous brand from Australia. Other findings were, eight out of ten women moisturize daily and only one in three women buy face creams. Single females are less likely to buy anti-wrinkle products than those who are married.

When choosing a particular skin care product, the main reason for actual purchase was if something actually worked. This was before price and a friend’s recommendation. Interestingly only a small, six percent, were attracted by celebrity patronage.

If money needed to be saved then this was achieved by switching to a cheaper brand rather than cutting down on usage. This snapshot of sales predicts that the sale of cosmetics will not be affected and is becoming known as the lipstick economy.

Managing Director, Alan Oppenheim of Ego Pharmaceuticals believes that some shoppers will turn away from international brands, that can be very expensive in favor of good quality more reasonable items. Others may try the more budget end of the scale.


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