4 Misconceptions Related To Acne!

Do you know acne is most widespread condition around the world? Despite of gradual rising of awareness about acne, the acne myths are clouding public perception beyond belief.

These misdirected acne care regimens and lack of proper awareness about acne can probably result in producing unfruitful attempts to solve your acne problem.

If you think you already know about acne, you may be surprised that there are some things that you’ve already heard about acne like what causes or how to deal with it, are not actually true.

Here are few acne myths for you to drive out the misconception that you have about acne.

Acne myths:

1. Poor hygiene mainly triggers acne!

Most of you might be in this particular misconception that acne is caused due to poor hygiene. Actually, acne is not caused due to dirt or environmental pollution. It is actually caused due to production of excess oil by your sebum glands.

However, one thing is true that although it is caused due to excess skin oils, dirt and other environmental pollutants potentially worsen acne condition.

2. Frequent face wash helps to reduce acne!

Even though washing face helps to eliminate dirt and excess oil from pores of your skin, washing too much or too frequently leads to irritation, dry skin and causes more acne breakouts. So, try to avoid scrubbing your face and wash your face only once or twice in a day.

3. Makeup should be used if you have acne!

As long as you use makeup products that are non-allergic or non-acnegenic, they will not cause acne breakouts. In fact, some concealers have salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, which can help you to fight against acne. However, if you consult your dermatologist before using cosmetics, it will be more beneficial for you.

4. Chocolate and other greasy foods cause acne!

Eating too many sugary or high fat foods is not at all a good idea, but till now none of the studies have shown that some specific foods can cause acne. However, every person is different from other. Some of you may notice that your acne breakouts are worse after eating certain specific foods.

Before you come to a conclusion regarding acne or other skin or health related issues, it is very important for you to take better suggestions from your personal health care provider or any health expert.


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