Back Acne – What Causes It?

One rather unfortunate affliction that many of us face is the problem of back acne.

It is also sometimes called ‘bacne’ and can take the form of pimples and blackheads.

Back acne can range from the merely inconvenient (being unseemly they may prevent the people from wearing certain kind of clothing) to the really troublesome and painful.

Back acne can be found in the back area; similarly they can also be found in the upper arms and the buttocks area.back acne

Some forms of back acne are not painful; more extreme cases, which may also extend to formation of pustules and cysts, may be fairly painful and may be fairly deep under the skin’s surface.

There are many theories as to what causes back acne, such as tight clothing, excessive sweating and certain kinds of food, or carrying heavy things on the back; however no specific cause or link has ever been proved.

Although these factors may not be the cause they may be the reason that the condition is exacerbated. However it is observed that the sebaceous glands producing excessive sebum which clog pores and cause bacteria to develop, in turn leading to the development of back acne, similar to face acne.


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