Bad Habits That Can Aggravate Acne

acneAcne is a skin condition that normally disappears after certain period under a strict treatment.

However, people under treatment for acne persist in certain bad habits that aggravate the skin condition instead of clearing it.

The facial cleansing routine (or the lack of it) may be one bad habit that could worsen acne. Scrubbing one’s face to get rid of pimples can irritate the skin, causing more pimples to form.

Washing one’s face irregularly can aid in the accumulation of excessive oils and bacteria, which would then lead to more acne. Regular washing with a gentle soap or with one formulated for acne can help wash off the excess oil and bacteria from the skin. It is better to only use the fingertips when washing and never use scrubs, abrasive pads or washcloths for cleansing.

Another bad habit that must be broken is scratching, popping, or picking pimples. Scratching can worsen acne because the bacteria from one’s hands can get transferred to the face, further irritating the skin and causing more pimples to develop.

Popping or picking pimples can also worsen acne; squeezing a pimple may cause the follicle wall to burst under the pressure. When the follicle wall bursts, infected material from the pimple can spill from the facial pore into the dermis, creating more inflammation and more pimples. Scars can also result from the squeezed blemishes. It is best to leave pimples alone to eventually dry out.

Using topical medicines to remove acne is one recommended treatment regimen. However, applying the medications too often (more than twice daily) or using too many different acne medications at the same time can worsen rather than reduce acne.

This will leave the skin too dry and get irritated; when the skin is irritated, more pimples would form. It is best to space the medicine applications throughout the day. If the irritation still persists, reduce their use to alternate days or drop the medication altogether.

Diet also plays an important part in determining whether acne will worsen or be reduced. A diet low in fruits, vegetables and water strips the body of vitamins and minerals essential in fighting off infections.[healthy diet]

Eating more fruits and vegetables and drinking at least 12 glasses of water daily can help make the skin look healthier and less prone to breakouts, eventually clearing them off.

Smoking and drinking alcohol are two more bad habits that won’t do anything to help clear up acne, but instead may aggravate it. Smoking can constrict the blood vessels that carry oxygen and essential nutrients to the skin.

Alcohol consumption can prevent vitamin A from being absorbed by the skin, thus making it prone to infections. Giving up smoking and drinking alcohol while under acne treatment can help speed the healing up.


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