Beating Acne With A Good Diet

good dietThe main causes for acne are to be found in an unequal balance in dieting habits.

So contrary to what people believe remedies are not to be found solely in topical products, but just as much so in consuming the right foods.

Looking after your general physical condition together with a healthy diet will do wonders for the skin.

Abundant fruits, vegetables and exercising are essential, as is letting off any stress residue you may have accumulated during the day.

Stress is just as much a cause for acne as a bad diet is. Alcohol and caffeine are agents that trigger off stress and must also be avoided.

As far as topical treatments are concerned, it is best to use soaps, which are less harsh on the skin. There is a choice between salicylic acid or benzyl peroxide soaps, which must be used regularly, whether or not there are acne outbreaks on the skin.

Moisture cream must also be applied after a face wash in order to restore the skin’s natural oily balance.

There are different moisturizers for specific skin types, it is important to compensate for the loss in oils, if not; this may also produce a breakout of acne.


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