Laser Treatment for Acne Removal

Using the laser treatment for acne removal is becoming more and more popular because it offers both the dermatologists and the patients a very trustworthy tool for solving a very serious issue.

The lasers are commonly used in scar removal helping the skin to heal. The process is actually deteriorating the skin, causing a healing process able to regenerate and grow new skin cells in the skin areas damaged by different factors.


The epithelium cells are burned and as a result they are forced to renew themselves. The news skin that is growing post the laser treatment is a smooth one without any of the problems it previously had.

The process of removing the acne with laser treatment is following the same principle but needs to be correctly understood and followed.

There are both risks and huge benefits to the treatment and before undergoing it you should get some advice from a dermatologist familiar with the procedure.

Some of the advantages of this treatment are obviously impossible to compare with other treatments. The acne removal laser treatment doesn’t require any additional procedures.

The healing time after the procedure can last a few days or weeks depending on the complexity of the procedure and on how severe is the acne problem.

Although the healing period in the case of this treatment takes a few days the method is able to permanently get rid of the acne in maximum three sessions.

The chemical peel and the standard peeling procedure do a similar “damage” to the skin but they act over the entire face area while the laser treatment can be directed to specific areas of the face and save the rest from damage.

The healing is done evenly and the healthy areas of the skin are not affected. A specialist can explain you the process and show you not only examples of related interventions but also all the stages your skin will go through until it gets rid of acne permanently.

Laser treatments used to be done only in a med spa to treat your acne but now there is the Claro Acne clearing device which can be used from the comfort of your home to get rid of acne on your own schedule.

After acne removal, it is very important that the skin should be cared for with the utmost attention. In order to prevent infection, a dermatologist will advise you about the steps you must take and the things you must not do in order to maintain a healthy skin.

The sun exposure must be minimum for the skin to heal correctly and you should completely avoid the sun in the first days of the healing.

You should also use skin care products able to prevent infections. During the treatment, after the removal of epidermal and dermal layers, the skin remains vulnerable to viral and bacteriological infections.

The best skin care products to use during the first 6 months after the procedure are those recommended by the dermatologist monitoring your healing process.


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