Seaweed Extract For Acne Shows Promise

In the many and various kinds of treatments that one may have tried for acne, one that hasn’t been tried so far is Seaweed, and now long suffering teens could find respite in seaweed – a possible acne cure.

Seaweed Extract For Acne

It is a specific ingredient that is found in particular brown seaweed that is available off the coast of Brittany that could mean the end to teen spots and oily skin. The extract of the seaweed that is obtained will now be available across Britain soon, which has shown positive results in clinical trials.

The product from the OXY range from Mentholatum, claims that the product is significantly effective when compared with a regular face wash or gel and can help to curb not only spots and mild acne, but also reduce inflammation and redness within about 14 days.

It was seen that those who had moderate acne, such as skin redness, blackheads, whiteheads, etc, found their symptoms much improved. The USP of this product is the fact that it is natural and not synthetic in source.

This is a product that is aimed at young males, 90% of whom have some or other skin problem caused by a surge in hormones such as testosterone.


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