Are you worried of Pigmentation?

pigmentationIf pigmentation is your problem then relax! We have a suggestion for you.

First of all find the cause of your pigmentation, then probably you might find exact solution for it.

As you are aware skin pigmentation is a kind of skin disorder which causes discoloration of your skin either lighter or darker than its original color.

Though this skin problem is not a health concern but it becomes a matter of beauty or cosmetic concern.

Research Still Continues! The causes of pigmentation are varied, some considered to be genetic inheritance, sometimes sun exposure or may be because of drug reactions or some other cause may be associated. Still research is going on to find the other causes for this pigmentation.

Types of pigmentations! Yes, there are various types of pigmentation which have their own reasoning of occurrence. Some of them are albinism which is characterized by pale skin, eyes and also hair. This is considered to be an inherited recessive trait. Another type of pigmentation is the vitilgo which is a hypopigmented condition.

Also hyperpigmentation can cause due to excess sunbathing or even poor nutritional diet. Drug reactions can also lead to this condition. Women develop this skin disorder during the pregnancy but soon disappear after delivery. Now are you clear what type of pigmentation you have? If so now look for its treatment.

Check Out! If you are suffering from albinism then your physician will probably suggest you to avoid exposure from sun in order to prevent from skin cancer. For this you need to wear sunglasses, cover your whole body whenever you are out in daytime and most importantly you must use a sunscreen with good SPF value to avoid further complications.

As albinism shall affect your vision you may probably be prescribed for corrective sunglasses.

Next if your problem is vitilgo then you need to undergo treatment with certain medications and also may be you need ultraviolet light therapy in order to darken the spots.

If your pigmentation is worse enough and is covering your entire body then doctor may prefer using bleaching agents to give you that uniform appearance. If your case is not that worse then you may use concealer which is a form of cosmetic make up to cover them all.

For hyperpigmentation skin disorders you have lot of options left in the market few of them are topical application creams which can be well purchased without any prescription. For problems related to poor nutrition you will be suggested to pretty well correct your diet of course.

So there you are with the pigmentation details with their treatment methods.


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