Avoid Potential Triggers Of Inflammation To Stay Away From Contact Dermatitis!

Contact DermatitisBe aware of contact dermatitis! This skin inflammation is mainly caused when your skin comes in contact with allergic or irritant substances, which can mainly result in rashes on your skin.

The substances that cause irritation on your skin could be anything like your soap, jewelry, cosmetics or any weeds and also poisonous oak or ivy.

Even certain foods, cleaning solutions, perfumes and also certain industrial chemicals are quite capable of causing rash on your skin.

A successful treatment for contact dermatitis can primarily include identifying the irritant allergen, which mainly causes the inflammation.

After that, if you simply avoid that particular offending substance, then you can simply resolve the rash or any other condition on your skin within 2 or 4 weeks.

Self care measures to avoid itching caused by contact dermatitis

  • Identifying and avoiding the potential irritants, which can mainly result in contact dermatitis, could be quite helpful for you to reduce the irritation of your skin.
  • Try to apply any anti-itch cream or calamine lotion on the rashes to get relief from itching.
  • Try to avoid scratching the affected areas on your skin, whenever you feel itchy. Cover the itchy area on your skin, in order to keep it away from scratching. Try to trim your nails and remember to wear gloves at night.
  • Washing the infected part of your skin with soap and cold water can help you to remove the offending substance, provided if you do it immediately after exposure of your skin to potential allergen.
  • If any blistering develops on your skin, try to apply cool moist compressors for up to 30 minutes for 3 times in a day. This can be very helpful for you to soothe the itchiness caused due to contact dermatitis.
  • Try to avoid antihistamine lotions and creams on your skin, as your skin can have an allergic contact dermatitis from the lotion itself.
  • Take a cool comfortable bath to get a soothing effect for your irritated skin [Skin Irritation]. Try to sprinkle your bath water with baking soda or any uncooked or colloidal oatmeal, which is specially made for your bath.
  • Try to choose mild soaps for your skin, which do not contain any dyes or perfumes. Always be sure to rinse the soap on your skin completely and try to apply skin moisturizer immediately after washing in order to protect your skin.

Try these simple measures whenever you are affected with contact dermatitis. Take proper suggestions from any experienced dermatologist or your personal health care provider before starting any kind of treatments for your skin.


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