Blemishes and Skin Disorders – The Possible Triggers

One of the possible reasons for skin disorders, blemishes and breakouts could be old skin careproducts. Old or expired skin care products could be one of the reasons why skin problem occur. Here are some dos and don’ts about old products to help you avoid this skin care mistake:


How to tell that they are old

Do the smell and feel tests for the skin care product to tell if it is too old to use. If it smells strange it is probably time to bin it. If the consistency is different than it is supposed to be – suppose the ingredients seem to have separated, or if the product has dried out of liquefied when it is supposed to – chuck it.

Another tip is to write down the date of purchase on the tube or package in indelible marker so you know when to chuck it.

To keep spoilage to a minimum, keep skin careproducts in the fridge. Additional tip: even make up, lipsticks and nail paint survive better in the fridge.

The general rule of thumb recommended by experts is to use a cleanser or moisturizer for up to a year, a serum for 6 months to a year,acne medication for up to two years and sunscreen for just 6 months.

Other causes for blemishes and breakouts

Incorrect skin care products for your type of skin or products that clog pores are other reasons why your skin could breakout. However this is far from the only reason for breakouts.

Hormonal changes or fluctuations are one of the most significant reasons for this; because they control sebum levels that the skin produces. When the reasons for breakouts are hormonal, they may not respond to over the counter topical medications.

Experts are divided in their opinion about food being breakout and blemish triggers. While some claim that what you eat has no bearing on pimples and acne, many women swear that certain foods and beverages make them break out. If your personal experience is that some foods act as triggers, avoid them.

The fact is that unhealthy diets negatively impact overall health, so even if the foods may not be the direct cause of skin problems, they could contribute to them indirectly.

Whatever the cause, breakouts and skin blemishes will get better when effective treatment is taken. For acne, killing bacteria, controlling sebum and unclogging pores helps.

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