Brown Spots On Your Skin Can Lead To Melanoma

MelanomaSkin is the essential part in your body which will be exposed to all types of environments and seasons.

There are various kinds of problems which takes place on your skin.

Among them, melanoma is one type of skin disease which occurs on your skin.

Melanoma is named as one type of skin disease that cause from melanocytes. It is a dangerous tumor originated from melanocytes. These are the cells responsible for producing melanin in your body.

Melanin is the useful pigment which gives color to hair, skin and eyes. Generally melanomas will be in brown and black. Sometimes melanomas will stop generating melanin pigment; then in such cases the color of your melanomas will be pink, red, purple and skin-colored.

Melanoma is named as one type of skin cancer (Preventive measures for Skin Cancer). If it is detected in the early stage, it can be cured otherwise it can cause severe problems to your skin. It can be recognized by cursory examination.

In some cases it will be very small or invisible; in such cases cursory examination will not be effective. Hidden melanomas are relatively, fortunately rare.

Occurrence of melanomas:

Melanomas are formed by the cells which produce pigment. These cells are named as melanocytes. Cancer can be developed in your skin if melanocytes start pigmentation in your body. It can occur on any part of your body, they can even develop on the areas which are not exposed to the sun.

These areas include palms of your hands, soles of your feet, under the nails, in between toes and on the scalp. They can even develop in anus, genitalia and mucosal lining of the mouth. [Foot melanoma]

The process of detecting melanoma:

  • If you find any brown spot on your skin, then you should get aware of this spots. You should go to skin specialist for checking out the cause of appearing this spots on your skin.
  • The melanomas will be in dark color. They will have potentially dangerous growth.
  • They will have asymmetric ragged borders such as six millimeters or more in diameter.
  • The growths of melanomas may disappear and reappear in some cases. This indicates that the disease is in dangerous stage.
  • In some cases there will be bleeding from melanomas.
  • The hidden symptoms include bleeding from nose, tightness in esophageal area, throat pain and difficulty in swallowing.

Steps that should be taken to prevent melanoma:

  • You should avoid excessive exposure of your skin from sun. [Home remedy for sunburn]
  • You should go for frequent checkups to know the improvement of your skin from melanomas.
  • There is no self cure for melanoma. You should always seek professional advice if you have any concerns relating to your skin.

Finally you have to follow ABCD rule for finding melanoma. ‘A’ indicates that all melanomas will be asymmetric. ‘B’ indicates that the borders and edges of melanomas are clearly defined.

‘C’ indicates that melanomas will not be uniform in one color. ‘D’ indicates that the diameter of the melanomas will not be same.


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