Can Kids Get Freckles?

frecklesTemporary Freckles! Yes, some children who don’t have the tendency to produce melanin often get these temporary freckles.

This condition develops due to lack of melanin formation against the powerful and harmful sun rays.

Freckles are small tan spots of melanin on the skin of people with fair complexions. Though it is less common and rarer reports show that even African descent gets these.

You’ll be surprised to know the fact that freckles are due to genetic and is related to the presence of the melanocortin-1 receptor MC1R gene variant. They can be caused on any areas exposed to sun but is more common on face. These are much common in children rather than in infants and adults.

Avoid Sun Exposure! Because freckles may be triggered by long exposure to sunlight, such as suntanning avoiding longer sun exposure is the best preventive measure one can take. Fair skin people have often a probability of developing this as they often do not produce enough melanin, and so they are present after puberty and into adulthood, indicating that individual as a genetic carrier for freckles.

Don’t sit relaxed! Yes, after freckles are been treated the chances of them reoccurring is very high on sun exposure. But good news is that they fade as age proceeds in some cases too.

Skin Cancer! People with history of freckles are more susceptible to skin cancer, and should therefore take extra care to protect them selves from the sun. Meaning a sunscreen protection is a must with a daily sun block of at least 15 SPF. Never ever leave your house without a sunscreen. Keep in mind that freckles are dangerous and can lead to any other complications if left untreated or not under control.

Keep in mind that people with freckles have a tendency for sun burns too. So be very careful when ever you are on an outing, take all necessary precautions to stay away from the direct exposure of UV radiation in the sun rays.

Treatment! Freckles can be treated by various methods. Some of them include the bleaching creams, the tretinoin cream, very effective when applied over a period of time, the laser treatment and the cryosurgery. The Bleaching creams are the products containing hydroquinone and kojic acid. These creams can be purchased without any prescription meaning you can proceed with it for a self treatment.

The cryosurgery is a process in which light freezed liquid nitrogen can be used to treat freckles. And last but not the least the Laser treatment. In this process several lasers, especially ones that produce a green light, can lighten and eliminate freckles safely and effectively. Like cryosurgery, this is considered to be a simple and safe procedure which has been reported to be a success. Very low cases of scarring have been reported.

Hope you now have a good knowledge in what are the latest freckles treatment methods available and how to get rid of them at the earliest. Take care and have a freckles free living!


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