The Top Causes of Skin Cancer

Before talking about the main causes of skin cancer, you must first know what skin cancer actually is. In simple terms, skin cancer is basically a malignant growth that can be found on your skin. Much like cancer that can be found in any other part of your body, this type of cancer will turn out to be deadly if you don’t take steps towards removing that growth.

In almost all cases, the sun plays a major role in the development of skin cancer. As one of the main causes of skin cancer, the sun has been given a terrible reputation in the eyes of the general public. This is why everyone always advises you to wear strong sunscreen whenever you go to the beach or the pool.

Skin Cancer

While the sun is definitely the source of the majority of the problems relating to skin cancer, it is actually long periods of time out in the sun that will do the trick.

Just going out in the sun for a few hours every day is obviously not a problem, but the realtrouble begins when you are sitting out in the sun with no shade and no sunblock for the entire day.

If you do this on a regular basis for a few months, you are destroying the health of your skin and could be developing some serious problems.

The sun and other major causes of skin cancer

The most dangerous times of the day when it comes to developing skin cancer from the sun are anywhere between 10am and 4pm. You should try and remember to use sunblock during these periods of time because that is when the sun is going to be at its most powerful point. Many people refer to this time as the best time to tan, but it is also when the sun’s rays will be most harmful.

Exposure to x-rays is another one of the causes of skin cancer that you may come across, although this cause is definitely less common than skin cancer caused by the sun. As you may know, x-rays are radioactive by nature, and radiation causes huge problems when it comes in contact with your skin.

The correlation between x-rays and skin cancer is why there are many precautions taken by doctors whenever x-ray machines are used.

More causes of cancer on the skin

In addition to the sun and x-rays, there are also some lesser known causes of skin cancer that most people don’t hear about. There are various chemicals and minerals that can cause skin cancer, so you always need to look for safety precautions when using certain materials.

Tar, soot and oils often contain harmful minerals known as hydrocarbons, and these minerals are known to cause squamous cell carcinoma.

Arsenic is a chemical that causes skin cancer when not used in the safest conditions, and the toxicity of arsenic should be well known by the general public. It is argued that arsenic is actually what killed Napoleon while he was in exile because high levels of arsenic were supposedly found in the wallpaper of his new home.


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