Contact With An Allergen Can Cause Skin Allergies!

When your skin can’t tolerate particular substances, reaction occurs with the presence of those substances.

The reaction can result in hives or eczema, which makes your skin red and itchy.

Most often, it becomes difficult to find out the cause of skin allergies.

The allergy can be due to medicines, foods, cosmetics, drinks, jewelry, clothes, detergents, vegetables, plants and chemicals.

Difficulty in finding out allergic cause! It is often difficult to find out the causes of skin allergies. There are many reasons in deciding what exactly caused skin allergies.

Reaction can take few hours to few days in developing. In some people, reaction develops with minute substances and therefore it cannot be identified.Skin Allergies

Skin allergies: Contact Dermatitis!

Contact dermatitis develops when your skin comes in contact with something you are allergic to. A reaction can cause redness, swelling, itching, burning, stinging or blisters. Most reactions caused by skin products occur on hands, body and face.

Skin allergies: Hives!

Hives or urticarias are temporary swellings of the skin which is caused by fluid collection in the dermis due to its leakage from blood vessels. Hives can result from food allergies, pollen, drugs, changes in temperature, infections and emotional problems.

In some people, hives recurs. But, in many people it usually gets better over a period of time. If you find out the cause of hives, it can be easy to cure it. If you could not find the cause, use anti-allergic drugs for few weeks until your problem is cured.

Skin allergies: Eczema!

Eczema, a skin disease, is a rough red oozy rash which comes in patches. The oozed fluid dries to form a hard scab. Eczema can be developed with skin irritation.

The other causes of eczema are detergents, soaps and exposure to water. Anyone can develop eczema, but it is common in dry skin people.

If your skin comes in contact with allergic reactions to substances, it can result in eczema. The substances can be vegetables, medicines, plants and metals. Certain foods can also cause eczema. The most common foods that cause skin allergies are dairy products and eggs.

Eczema is not contagious but it can recur. With proper treatment with ointments and anti-allergic medicines, it can be controlled. The skin should be well hydrated because dry skin causes problems. Prevent sweating, as it can worse eczema.

Prevention! No permanent cure exists for permanent skin allergies. But, you can try to avoid the causes that cure skin allergies. The best prevention for eczema and dermatitis is a good moisturizing lotion.

Avoid scratching to prevent infection. Contact health care provider if the reaction gets worse, if there is possibility of infection and if there is difficulty in breathing or swallowing.


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