Different Ways To Treat Hyperpigmentation!

HyperpigmentationAre you worried about uneven dark patches on your skin?

Don’t worry! Many Hyperpigmentation removal treatments are available to get rid of these darkened patches on your skin.

These dark patches on the skin can be due to hormonal imbalances, allergic reactions, sun damage and can also be due to certain injuries.

There are several methods to treat hyperpigmentation, depending upon the reasons that cause the abnormality. Some of those methods are discussed here.

Choose the one which is suitable for your skin. Not all types of treatments are suitable for every one. Discuss with your doctor and get prepared for the treatment.

Certain options for treating hyperpigmentation:

  • Hydroquinone: This is a bleaching agent which can be used for treating the dark patches on your skin, which are mainly caused due to non-hormone induced hyperpigmentation. This bleaching agent can give better results for slight hyperpigmentation problems. If you need an inexpensive method and if you want to avoid invasive procedures involved in the treatment, then hydroquinone can be a very good option for you. This bleaching agent mainly blocks the growth of melanin in your skin and takes more time to give desired results.
  • Hydroxy acids: Water soluble alpha hydroxy acids, such as 8% glycolic acid and beta hydroxy acids such as salicylic acids can be helpful for you to remove hyperpigmentation and it also increases the cellular turnover. They can also serve as anti inflammatory products for your skin.
  • Intense pulsed light: This type of treatment is mainly employed before and after laser surgeries to increase the effectiveness of the treatment. For people with darker skin tones, especially ethnic patients, intense pulsed light technique is used for treating standard hyperpigmentation. Some times this treatment is also used to treat the skin with sun damage.
  • Laser resurfacing: Some times, if your skin gets more damaged and needs to be removed through laser peels, then this laser resurfacing is employed for treating hyperpigmentation. In this technique, the foremost layers of the damaged skin evaporate and help in revealing fresh and even toned skin. As a pre-treatment procedure, you can be advised to use hydroquinone creams to avoid excessive hyperpigmentation after the treatment.
  • Microdermabrasion: This process is considered as shortest procedure in treating hyperpigmentation. In this process, your skin will be sand blasted using aluminum oxide crystals and other types of mild abrasives, including vitamin C crystals to remove the top layers of the skin and also to eliminate the dead cells from the skin. As a result, new cells are produced in the deeper layers of the skin. With a sequence of microdermabrasion treatments, the dark patches on your skin can be lowered.

These are certain options involved in the treatment of hyperpigmentation. Discuss with your doctor and choose appropriate treatment for your skin.


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