Distressed With Your Acne Problem? Determine Your Skin Type For The Best Acne Treatment!

Acne is the most common skin disease affecting a huge number of teenagers and adults today.

Acne most commonly affects the neck, face, shoulders, and upper back.

No matter whether you are a teenager or adult, there are thousands of acne treatment options to control your acne.

However, there is no best acne treatment that works effectively for everyone.

This is because everyone’s skin is unique. So, the best acne treatment for you depends only on your skin type.Best Acne Treatment

The skin type of yours can fall into one of the three categories: oily skin, dry skin, or combination skin. So, before finding the best acne treatment for you, identify your skin type.

The majority of people that suffer from acne have oily skin. You can determine your skin type as oily with these characteristics.

The face appears oily with open pores, the skin tends to be thicker, noticeable blackheads [Remove Blackheads] and breakouts due to blockage of pores with oil and t-zone area becomes oily very quickly after cleansing.

It is a common tendency of people that the best acne treatment for oily skin is to dry out the pores with the products that eliminates oil.

However, it is not the best acne treatment for oily skin because it makes oil glands go crazy in producing all the oil that was lost. Thus, oil production increases and the face becomes even oilier than before.

So, the best acne treatment for oily skin is to use an acne treatment product containing an oil free moisturizer. On the other hand, while using soaps or cleansers that contain no moisturizer, try to finish off your regular skin care by applying moisturizing cream (very lightly) to your face.

On the other hand, dry skin can be identified with the characteristics such as tight and dryness in the skin, absence of oil in the t-zone, skin appears dull and rough, and skin tends to be thin. [Dry Skin Care]

It is not that only oily skin can cause break outs (because of oil clogged pores); even dry skin can result in break outs with extreme dryness of the skin. Over dryness in the skin can make the skin get irritated easily and also cause blemishes.

The best acne treatment for the dry skin is a good moisturizer in addition to your acne skin care products. Remember that dry skin needs more moisturizer. So, apply moisturizer at least twice a day. However, always use oil-based moisturizer instead of oil free moisturizer.

The most confusing skin type is combination skin, as it can be normal/dry or normal/oily. A normal/dry skin shows noticeable blackheads on nose and chin, cheeks dryness, skin tightness, and limited oil in the t-zone whereas a normal/oily skin will have cheeks oily or dry, blackheads in the T-zone and the t-zone gets oil at the end of the day.

The best acne treatment for combination skin would be an oil free moisturizer with other acne skin care products. If cheeks are too dry, concentrate on applying more moisturizer to the dried area of your face.

Therefore, don’t lose your hopes, identify your skin type and follow the best acne treatment for you.


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