Do You Know What Psoriasis Is?

psoriasisHere’s some useful information on psoriasis. All that you wanted to know on psoriasis like is its occurrence, symptoms and what precautionary measures should be taken to avoid psoriasis.

You will find this and much more in just few seconds of reading. Then what are you waiting for start reading now!

An inflammatory skin condition is Psoriasis. Psoriatic arthritis which causes inflammation of the joints is associated between 10% and 30% of people with psoriasis. There are five types, each with unique signs and symptoms.

Though psoriasis is found to be the oldest skin conditions very little is known till date about it. Research is still going on in this regard. The exact cause of this skin disorder is still unknown.

One important breakthrough began with the discovery that kidney-transplant recipients who had psoriasis experienced clearing when taking cyclosporine. Since cyclosporine is a potent immunosuppressive medication, this indicates that the immune system is involved.

For people with this skin condition it is a major task for them not only to overcome the disease but also to face its consequences throughout their lives. Any type of psoriasis can affect humans.

The symptoms of this skin disorder are very stressful, painful and give lot of suffering to the person both physically and mentally. Itching, soreness, and cracked and bleeding skin are common. Nail psoriasis can be painful. Even the simple act of squeezing a tube of toothpaste can hurt.

The condition may be similar to sunburn but not that simple; this may be in a wide range. Living with this disease is so troublesome that people undergo a lot of stress and also fall into depression. It thoroughly restricts one’s activities and life becomes sluggish. Many reports show that people with psoriasis had to give up many hours due to this disorder.

Studies also have shown that stress, anxiety, loneliness, and low self-esteem are part of daily life for people living with psoriasis. A situation occurs were people with this disease think of suicide at a certain point. Good Gosh! We cannot even imagine that life can be so miserable for people with psoriasis.

They feel very embarrassed. Getting your hair cut and noticing that the stylist or barber is visibly uncomfortable is so terrible. Imagine a person hesitant to shake hand with you.

How would you feel if you spent most of your life trying to hide your skin? These all sound so woeful but these are the situations which people have to undergo and are going with psoriasis.

A diet less in spice and more easily digestible food is recommended to overcome this disease as this is a metabolic disease. More fruits, vegetables, fruit juices etc are very valuable for this. Bitter gourd, curd, boiled vegetables, pumpkin these are good for this disease. Say no to all animal fats, eggs, processed canned foods.

So a thought of concern for people with psoriasis is what is needed from one and all. Take care of your health and have a positive approach towards this very miserable skin disorder.


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