The Truth About Eczema Skin Condition

There are a lot of people who are talking about eczema skin condition, but they don’t really know what that is. This is why in case you have some problem you should forget about self-diagnosis, and go to your doctor.

What is eczema skin condition?

This is a general term for different kinds of inflammation of the skin, and it is also known asdermatitis. The most common form of the condition is atopic dermatitis.

Eczema Skin Condition

The truth about the skin condition called eczema is that it can appear in case of a wide group of ages, but it is most common among infants and in the majority of the cases it appears before the age of 5.

Nonetheless by the time the children turn 3, eczema is usually resolved. In some cases the condition is recurring during the life.

Those people who have to deal with the skin condition called eczema usually have a family history of the condition or they had some kinds of allergies in the family, such as hay fever or asthma.

At this point the connection between these and the condition is not clear, but it has been observed that about 20% of the children have the skin condition called eczema.

Although the condition could occur among all races, it happens more often in case of girls than in case of boys. Keep in mind that the condition is not contagious, but since it can be inherited, it is common to see the members of the same family being infected with eczema skin condition.

What are the causes?

At this moment the specialists don’t really know what causes eczema, but they believe that it has something to do with the fact that the skin is acting as a barrier between the outside world and the body, and maybe the immune system also has a word to say when it comes to the skin conditioncalled eczema.

There have been some studies conducted showing that the people with eczema had gene defects causing abnormalities in given proteins that are used to keep the skin healthy.

In certain cases eczema skin condition could be triggered by substances that get in contact with the skin, including cosmetics, soaps, clothing, jewelry, detergents and even sweat. There are also someenvironmental factors that could cause eczema, like changes in humidity or temperature, and evenpsychological stress.


The symptoms of the skin condition called eczema include reddened and dry skin that causes an itching or burning feeling. Still you should know that the appearance of the condition varies from one person to the other. The first thing that people experience regarding eczema is the itching feeling.

In some cases, eczema skin condition could also cause oozing lesions and blisters, but it could also lead to scaly and dry skin. In case you can’t control yourself and you start scratching, you could end up having crusty and thickened skin. This is why it is very important not to scratch, no matter how itchy it feels.


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