New Cream Shows Great Promise For Eczema Sufferers

skin rashIn the western world the instances of eczema is increasing with ten percent of adults and thirty percent of children suffering from the condition at some point in their lives.

It can have a debilitating effect on lives and includes regular annual eruptions. [Eczema Cure]

Approaches in terms of the treatment, has mainly concentrated on creams that have anti-inflammatory properties which are increased during one of the flare up episodes.

However recently launched in Europe is an ointment called Protopic which has now been approved for twice weekly use as well as its current ad-hoc usage.

Doctors will now be able to help their patients manage eczema more efficiently hopefully leading to lessened incidences of flare ups. In a recent survey it was revealed that seventy five percent of sufferers believed that their quality of life can be greatly improved if they could only control their eczema better.

Protopic’s new endorsement came to fruition as a result of much research carried out by CONTROL on over five hundred patients living in thirteen different countries within Europe.

The ointment, that is a substance called tacrolimus monohydrate, is the very first calcineurin inhibitor officially sanctioned for use on a continuous basis.

Another study undertaken by the International Study of Life with Atopic Eczema (ISOLATE) determined that of the two thousand eczema patients, over half were constantly concerned about when the next flare up would take place. The average exacerbation lasted for two whole weeks and they happened about nine times per year.

Finland’s Dr Sakari Reitamo who works at the Hospital for Skin and Allergic Diseases is confident that finally people with eczema will be given a way to control the disease rather than the other way round.


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