Tips For Dealing With Eczema

eczemaEczema is like a skin rash and atopic dermatitis is the usual type common to most sufferers. It is a reaction to an allergy.

It becomes very itchy if scratched and the skin is red and inflamed [Itchy skin rashes]. It is mostly found on babies and it is the commonest skin condition worldwide.

Many substances will irritate the skin, soap, detergents, aftershave lotions, gasoline and solvents etc. Contact should not be made with eczema causes, and hands are to be dried after washing.

Protective gloves help when skin can touch irritants or water. To absorb sweat, cotton gloves can be worn. Cold air and low humidity dries the skin, so gloves are needed outside in winter.

Cotton is recommended for clothing. Use mild soap for bathing, and maintain water temperature at warm or cool. Soak in the bath for a while so water enters the outer skin layers.

For bad eczema, apply the prescribed medicine after bathing. It is usually a steroid lotion for the skin; improvement should happen in 3 weeks. Moisturising the skin daily keeps it soft and stops cracking.

Scratching will worsen the eczema worse as it permits bacteria to create infection. Hot, sweaty exercise will make irritate the skin.

Stress can cause eczema so it should be avoided. Skin care should be continued after eczema is finished, or it may become a regular chronic condition, and the area needs much attention.


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