Top 6 Ways to Prevent and Treat Eczema Quickly

Eczema is a very common skin disease and also known as atopic eczema or dermatitis. Manifested by dry, scaly skin on particular parts of the body like the hands, elbows, neck, and other parts of the skin, eczema usually occurs to people who have dry skin. It is quite painful and irritating skin disorder that can be prevented and treated in a number of natural ways.

When eczema flares up, the situation can be quite exhausting, embarrassing and painful, thus you should know the easy and fast ways to provide relief immediately. Here are few ways to prevent and treat eczema quickly –

ways to prevent and treat eczema quicklyRestrict Contact with Water

Do not keep your hands or feet wet all day long; limit the contact with water. It’s true that water keeps your skin moisturised, but if its hot water and your skin is wet for too long, water will dehydrate your skin and make it chapped. National Eczema Association recommends to take bathe only once a day not for more than 10 minutes.

Keep Skin moisturised

Even if your skin is wet just after you have handled water, dab on moisturiser to keep it well hydrated. Apply moisturizers within 3 minutes of completing a shower or bath in tub, this is the time when your skin will absorb the moisture at its best and help to prevent or heal eczema.

Use Gloves or Other Protection

Don your gloves if you stay in wintry and snowy country as the cold air and low humidity dries out the skin even faster making eczema go worse. Vinyl or plastic gloves should be compulsorily worn if you are prone to eczema and using anything that triggers the skin, like cleaning products, detergents or harsh soap. While in contact with hot water or the cold air, gloves are must.

Healthy and Balanced Diet

Overall wellbeing is only possible when your diet is nutritious and fulfilling. Go for a food allergen testing and check out if there are any skin triggers in your diet. Some fruits and vegetables can irritate your skin from within. Avoid processed foods, meat, raw food diet, organic foods, alcohol and gluten. Caffeine and dairy products are also harmful if you are prone to eczema.

Use Coconut Oil

This is one of the most popular and easy way to prevent eczema. Apart from applying on your skin before bath, you can also use cold, pressed and organic coconut oil for cooking. Avoid using canola oil, peanut oil or vegetable oil for cooking. The processing done on these type of oils create a thickened saturated fat layer known as trans fat, which only harms our body. Coconut oil contains lauric acid that is converted to monolaurin by our body that deeply moisturises the skin by penetrating into the tissues.

Apply Essential Oils

Essential oils have a number of positive effects on health – whether you apply directly on skin or take the benefits through aromatherapy. These oils have skin cell rejuvenating properties; especially the rose otto, neroli, chamomile, lavender, and yarrow. They not only sooth and reduce skin inflammation but also effectively reduces all the symptoms of eczema. You can mix any of these with jojoba or almond oil and apply all over just after bath.


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